Malaysia GST.... RM51 Billion Collection later...

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Well, nothing much has changed. The poor aren't getting any better, the middle class is dying a little more by the day.

BR1M has not increased enough to help the poor or the ones who really need financial aid. But it's a sad fact that the BR1M mechanism itself is broken, where there are talks of non-deserving people also getting aid, as well of people who are "dead". But that's all down to the mechanics of the federal government on how they want to play things so they "look" favourable to the rakyat's eyes

PM calls it (GST) the country's saviour. Well I think many would agree if we said it saved the government more, from debts...unnecessary debts.

I disagree with the Opposition who's saying that GST is not necessary. It's a progressive tax, as we're also taxing foreigners, tourists and working immigrants. It's revenue to the government for fucks sake. It's what the federal government is doing with the money that we shouldn't be agreeing bailing our national car maker and airline....MAS and PROTON. They should die a slow death, or a fast one...

GST's revenue should be propelling the country forward, helping the needy, re-evaluate welfare of the people (perhaps in Healthcare), infrastructure to places like East Malaysia and much more. Not to tanggung all this 1MDB nonsense.

The rakyat, PRO-BN or not, have to really ask the question, where has the RM51b(and counting) gone to? is there a transparent black & white roadmap for these funds?

It's like a family or a relationship, imagine you earn RM10k (for example) then asyik kata no money la, hutang la....Then when your spouse/partner ask what are you expenditure/expenses's like there's a blackhole(or a void) of a chunk of money uncounted for...(perhaps main ayam ke,judi ke...or whatever la)

BN or opposition...the rakyat wants what's best for Malaysia, who does a better and CLEANER job should take the helm. If BN buat betul, I okay je....whatever that benefit the rakyat la, cause I think if Opposition take over pun sama je corruption, maybe lesser and cleaner at the start but it'll eventually be the same. Why? It's a Malaysian thing...

Kalau I tak makan, orang lain makan....baik I makan dulu

~suara seorang penumpang

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