Apple iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus Price Malaysia (Logically Speaking) & Malaysia Launch Date

Monday, September 28, 2015

Well looking at how shyty the Malaysian currency is now against anything.... We're down the fucking dumps for a country who has resources such as petroleum and land.

Reality Check... for the 191,340,135th time!!!

1 USD is to +- MYR 4.40 (That's the price of Msian being so Anti-America)
1 SGD  is to +- MYR 3.10 (These people barely have any resources)
1 PGK  is to +- MYR 1.50 (Papua New Guinea is more backwards than us!)
100 THB  is to +- MYR 12.20 (fuck cannot go for massage anymore!)

Anyways..... back to iPhone 6s pricing in Malaysia. What's it gonna be? LowYat has come up with some elaborate table and jibber jabber here.

Anyhow... Let's make it more simple to believe....(click to enlarge). Comparison is used between the US Apple Website and the Malaysia Apple Website after the price adjustment to the iPhone6 & 6plus.

16GB iPhone 6s – RM3,199
64GB iPhone 6s – RM3,699
128GB iPhone 6s – RM4,199
16GB iPhone 6s Plus – RM3,699
64GB iPhone 6s Plus – RM4,199
128GB iPhone 6s Plus – RM4,699

As for launch date.... LowYat.Net has already spotted SIRIM entries for the phone.... well.. by the looks of it... Perhaps November 1 again just like the 5s or probably early December. Looking at how the market is going, Apple has once again smashed their opening sales record for the iPhone... 13 million this time around as opposed to about 10million last year

UPDATE: Launch day is set for October 16th, 2015 (Friday) for Malaysia

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