No I Did not!..... haha

Friday, January 16, 2009

*If it does not kill you, it makes you more LALA!!!*

Ok... I did try Rock Fever...since I played Tap Tap on my iPod Touch, I thought, how much harder can it be....oh shyt....the damn language is such a barrier...from 3-6 buttons + 1 foot pedal... damn it's such a killer to a non LALA to play...

This here... is the perfect example of someone who really wants her RM 1 to worth while... pressing every damn button and stepping on the non-working pedal to hit every damn note...haha. The name of this experiment? Classified!!! But she reminds me of Along came Polly the movie where Ben Stiller who was after the super spotaneous Jennifer Aniston... Taking risk, letting go and just embrace that person...

Damn, I don't really see it happening to me!!! This gal was hardcore... she even pissed the guy on the next machine because she was bull-shitting on the machine!!! I think that dude was like offended... *Longest half an hour of my life!!!!*


Alice Lizzie said...

hey DUDEEE!!!
whatsuppp la! im soon soon soon gonna post a blog bout u =P
admire my determination kan? hehehe... see... not everyone can do it!

nielgoh said...

determination? dood...

its vandalism aldready ok!!! haha