Sigh-ing in Melody

Monday, January 19, 2009


wish it was that simple, not having that thunderous heartbeat everytime when I look at you. you, make me feel so wanna love again when you're around.

not there when I want you to, not there when I need you to....but there when I least expect, a notion so special... I embrace after every random calls.

Emo when you're not around, miss you...hate you!!! not picking up my calls when I wanna hear your voice.

Don't think that it's just recent, its been awhile... come to think about, when I first opened my eyes to you... it was about 6 years ago.

Far,drifted, unclose... somehow I still found the rope to pull myself close to you over the years.

How real can this be? if it is, I don't wanna screw up...

~Every second, I think of you....*somehow literally...haha*~

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