Some PEE-ple...just step over nice individuals

Monday, October 20, 2008

They are the easiest to fool and to take advantage of....nice people are quite dumb dumb or blind to say.... NICE NICE people! and nice people don't judge, don't hate, don't keep grudge...but..always be nice no matter how fucking terrible the other party is.

When they're insecure or lonely...they tend to lean the whole 9 yards just to get back on their feet...and once they are standing again. Just.... forgotten...
~Will you be there for me? *still am, trying to cut you off but its UBER hard*
~~be my close friend forever ever ever? *ever wonder why you hardly have any?*
~~~aww...why you have to be so sweet? *out of pity!*
++++lip service shyt++++ (p/s: sorry doesn't cut it.)

Some...just can't control their emotions...and just fucking let out on people who are nice enough to not retaliate *because it's not fucking worth it*. If you got an ego, manage a panic problem, control it.....Don't just go bursting around at people just because you're emotionally unstable...what do you think other people are? we DO NOT SUBMIT to your SHYT!!!
~I'm not paid to hear your shyt

and other fuckers.... keep your angin shyt away from me....swt! go blow New Orleans or Philippines or some shyt...

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