Funny Day :D

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Had a nice day today.... watched movie and did spend decent amount of time with friends :D

there were funny conversation

Situation1: Accounting 3 class when Mr Siew was explaining the consequences if the business can't pay the fixed cost. Examples were shops from SS15

Mr Siew: bla bla bla...the shops close.can't afford to pay fix cost.....*keeps explaining*

Daniel: ya Sir... the Chinese shop at the corner here was taken over by Starbucks cause they couldn't get Mcd..

Mr Siew: I see, but it's not part of my story, not relevant....

Daniel: *whispers* share story also cannot meh?...since we're talking bout SS15 shops

Situation 2: in the movies watching the Orphan with Vani and Ping where the scene showed Esther taking away Max's hearing aid

Ping: die la.... took away her ears...dah la she deaf

Vani: ya weh....took away her earplugs

Daniel: o gosh... its hearing aid la...deaf already use earplugs for what?

Situation 3: Walking at ss15 with Farina along the busy road. She was going to the bus stop to catch a bus while I was going to go Pyramid by bus. A motorcycle zoomed passed us...

Daniel: eh Farina...careful sikit, tengok tengok Motor tu....

Farina: Ala, Don't worry la, I'm sure I'm big enough, sure they can see me wan....

Daniel: Errrrr, I worry more of snatch thief la rather than you getting knocked....Hmm, memang pun you besar kan..... :D

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