Malaysian Muslims and Christians (The Setan Ones)

Friday, September 18, 2009

It is fucking sad to see the religion practicers being the biggest hypocrite in the country. And at what point religion taught us hypocrisy?

Muslims... face like cow dang ni during fasting month. Please la... God didn't say you can work at 50% capacity, show monkey face or even temper while fasting. You should live your normal life!!! Fuck I saw the manager at Mcdonalds SS15(Taylors) just now.... damn bitch, can just go up to her and slap the Islam out of her. God didn't force you to fast also...One side say puasa...another side curse la, smoke la...WTF?!. Buat dengan niat...bukan dengan paksaan!!!

Christians.... another big fat hypocrite. Think they're so holy and clean that they can preach or lecture you about what's right or wrong.... balik pirated DVD.... and mind you MOFO...buying pirated stuffs IS CONSIDERED STEALING!!!! and that's religious friend!!! I have friend's friend being religious or the child of a pastor/priest.... still commit so much promiscuous act..... O wow... I even saw a pastor losing his patience and throwing a temper.

We're human with the RIGHTS to believe and practice what religion of belief we want and we don't need a so called religious officer (JAIS,JAKIM or whatever shyt) or so called religious monkeys who go to church every Sunday to tell us what's wrong or right.

WHAT I DO BETWEEN GOD AND I. stay away you freaks!

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