Now I agree Why Malaysia Shouldn't have FREEDOM OF SPEECH

Monday, September 07, 2009

Because.... we have the freedom of SHOUTING.... The country is barbaric after 52 years of Independence. Not even a year ruling and 1 Malaysia is already such a failure. The winner of the 1Malaysia Song should actually feel damn stupid about winning a contest about making a song which shows the failure of a plan.

The latest cock up in Malaysia... relocation of the Hindu Temple. So much excuses la... Indian gangster nanti banyak la, bising la their prayers. BS!!!! You Muslim mosque makes noise 5 times a day and we don't complaint and ask it to be relocated also. Ala....cannot ma.... Melayu country. Which brings back to the point that there is NO 1 MALAYSIA and there wil never be. After BODOWI, there's NAJIS. Semua plan fail...why? cause of your own radical, STUPID, narrow-minded people!

Relocate the temple, so what? what's the big deal.... as shown in the video above... shout shout shout. What can you get? What you wanna achieve?. I got a Hindu Temple near my place... no problem what.... sometimes big prayers they all parking makan 1 lane I tak mati also. Prayers were loud, fireworks, drums....but that's all occasional.... I admit... I say "FUCKER...1 AM still so much noise...." that's all, then I go back to what I'm doing. Or if I'm curious enough, I would go check it out and see how the prayers/festival goes... its nice to see different culture than your own so that it doesn't make you so SAMPAT.

Ramadan month and you all cursing away nicely.... tak batal ke? Pahala you tak nak ke? God did not teach you this shyt. It's the people in Malaysia... soon it's gonna explode to be a racial riot again. Recommended that if you people are capable, MIGRATE!


kAi said...

most malaysians nowadays tend to think based on their own racial communal lines.. they do not think as malaysians but as what race they are..

something to ponder... in Malaysia, Malaysians often refer themselves as Malay, Chinese, Indians and others... but overseas, when asked, they refer themselves simply as Malaysians... why the difference??

Jee Sheng said...

I think it's alright to think based on racial communal lines... but they just take it TOO seriously.... crazy... they can't even joke about it. It's dumb... The country tis beyond fixing!