Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Psykotha's first involvement in world event.... haha

So anyways, Climate Change is the topic....fucking boring though but there's lots to talk about, especially from where I come from Malayfuckingsia. I guess I should blog geographically for a better point of view. I believe the country I live in IS and WILL BE the major cause of Climate Change... in South East Asia at least.

First off.... the mother fucking money minded undemocratic ruling losing government of Malaysia... run by Barisan Nasional. What has the government gotta do with Climate Change?... EVERYTHING!!! Policies.PERIOD.

In Malaysia, the effort of public transport is shit... no improvement on service but only the fares. If you were to drive around, you can notice that most of each vehicle on the road HAS ONLY ONE PERSON.... everyone can own a car in Malaysia.... The rich, the average, the poor... you name it!.... 9 years loan????? blacklisted people still can apply for car.... RM 0 down-payment can get car? All this effort so that they can sell their Milo tin Local car....Proton! or Perodua for that matter.... The fact is that these effort to boost local car sales is badly hurting the world... and does the bald Prime Minister give 2 FUCKS?... If he even thought bout it.... the world would just end instantly.

Secondly.... Climate Change... green house effect shyt.... what did it remind us....hmmm
World Earth Day.... the 60 Earth hour.... Off all electrical appliances for an hour.... Well... Blog Action Day this year makes the Earth Hour null because WE BLOGGERS spend that extra hour on the com, blogging, reading, researching to what would be the nicest, the BEST-EST blog post that would be written for this year's title. Therefore, I unofficially condemn this post... but heck... its blog trafficking *I hope*

Third... O clearly the dressing of the World... o Lady Gaga... is it that HOT??? gosh! skirt, micro-mini skirt, G-string, topless guys... bla bla bla.... Ya, the THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN is getting some extra heat nowadays. Climate Change..... is it the us towards Earth or the Sun towards Earth?

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