Late Speak up Post: Perdana Menteri Malaysia: NAJIS

Friday, October 09, 2009

Always wanted to post up my disapprovement regarding Malaysia's beloved Prime Minister new FUCKING plan!!!! a very own local F1 team? And I should be proud that a country has its own F1 team and watch the taxpayers money go to waste?OOOO.... wow... see Malaysia... where are we.... like fucking back of the PACK! Malu-fucking-betul!. Fuck you bald asshole!!!!... your pocket not deep enough? your hair needs Yun Nam Hair care? then korek the rakyat's duit? 1Malaysia or 1Poket?.... WTF!!!

The 1Malaysia slogan is missing alot of words...

rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan


rakyat didahulukan untuk mati,
pencapaian MYR 1 BILLION dalam poket saya diutamakan

I wonder what happened to the Altantuya Submarines.... pusing where also i dunno

The collected tax money isn't put into good use.... Public transport are not upgraded though fares are up. Road are still filled with potholes. NAJIS NAK NAZAK in coming general election.

Vote smartly my dear Malaysians... cause we evolved as we know how to line up for the trains... =D

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