I Helped You So Much....Who's gonna Help me now?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Time after Time, I spill effort helping the people I'm close to....no second thoughts, don't ask much in return... All I wanna see is that smile on their face, satisfying me enough.

Now that some of you are gone,
Some are far apart...

I feel I lost my way....your smile motivates me, no matter who you are... Samuel, Sarah, Kayal, John, Kead, etc etc. I needn't to hide these names

I always enjoy lending a helping hand, cracking jokes for laughter... :D That's my job from God.

But who is here for me when I need someone?
I know I turn some away...truthfully coz of shame... I always prefer some1 new and doesn't know me, where they just listen and not judge at all...and not give lines like "I told you so"

1 comment:

Lizzie da Cookie said...

Don't get emo, when u needed someone.. can look for us! =D We go visit you at sunway.