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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dear bloggers,

wanna spice up traffic for your blog?
don't know what to blog about? the keywords to entice people to click on your URL?

For need to blog prety much on this... *screw the sedition act*

words like...

Musa Hassan
Raja Petra
Permatang Pauh

Well... I think the police and the ISA will look into most of our Malaysian blogger's blog and try to fish out whatever is offending them... hmmm *what the FUCK happen to freedom of speech?and so called "democratic country???"*

If its democratic... why is it when Anuar is trying to contest as an opposition leader, the GER-MEN is trying to nail him down?...they should concerntrate on bringing the petrol price down instead of Anuar right?... He isn't a threat to the Malaysian nation...he's just HUMAN... but the GER-MEN thinks that he's the "demon" swt???

and fuck it!!! bloggers are suppose to speak their mind....of course they have to be responsible on what they write...I know I am....cause I blog is the FUCKING truth about the "beloved" "perpaduan-ed" nation I live in....

What perpaduan do we have?....
Everytime there's an arguement....There's sure to be:

Eh, Cina Babi pukimak you la
Stupid Melayu Rempit
Ah blardy Indians...kling!!!!

This is what's happening everyday in our can't deny that...

Hey BADAWI!!!! wanna show what perpaduan is?..... scratch off the kaum on the Mykad ok!!! let us all be known as Malaysians.....not by our races!!!

Even a simple SUGGESTION that the UITM should allocate a little more to the non-bumi....The blardy Melayu make noise already...saying that its an insult...we should protect the Melayu rights.... OF course la...fcuking stupid bumiS also can come out with a degree...swt....

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