4 A.M.

Monday, September 22, 2008

*Hangs up the phone*

Jeezzzz it's so late. It's been awhile since I was a slave to my mobile phone. The thought was at the back of my head the whole time and I couldn't shake it off. It was just another conversation where I felt it was rather normal.... Why the urge of suddenly ringing? Was it a sign that I was weak? or a sign that I actually still care? or was it cause I was so unconsciously frustrated that I saw what I needn't to see, and heard what I needn't to hear. Yeah it was good to talk to you again... By the tone of your voice, I can tell that you change a whole lot and you've found someone whom I'm not even half of. Ultimately the other was in mind too... It's really hard to forget people who you care about most. Why do you need to know why I was away? I honestly didn't have a really fix reason. Say what you need to say. Childish, naive, loser... you name it. I won't deny, neither would I agree to it. It's really nice to know that I'm appreciated for what good that I've done for you... as oppose to some people. But don't miss me for it... end of the day, I'm just another mortal that feeds on the richness of this land. Honestly, I can't hate you...I did try but... there's some part of me that just can't let go.

I want.... my RED Nano

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Ron Jerem Lee said...

if u care the most u wont forget la. if u forget means u dont care at all loh. if the one u care u cant have, then since u know it will make u cannot forget, might as well dont care and dont have her, so that u can forget mah.