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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hmm.... iPod, iMac, Handphone.....
what's next?....

The Surf-shorts crave was short-lived..... and Daniel when over to Jeans!!!

Finally I gotten my Levi's...yet another Label that is added to my life...


Nike (shoe,bag,shirt,pants,jersey)
Adidas (shoe, shirt, soccer boots)
Timberland (shoe, shirt)
Tropicana Life (shirt) *dearest Ex bagi wan*
Levi's (Jeans)
Lee Cooper (Jeans)
G2000 (shirt)
Padini (shirt)
Sub-Zero (blazer)
Giordano (jacket)
Converse (shirt)
Hush Puppies (shirt)
Puma (shirt)
Renoma (Boxers, shirt)
Bossini (surf shorts, shirt)
Bonia (Wallet)

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