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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Your result for How geeky are you?...

Average Joe

38% Geeky!

You scored 38% Geeky, 65% Cranial and 33% Introverted.

This is a great place to be, right smack in the middle of it all. There's not a single stereotype I can force on you, and trust me, I've tried! You've managed to escape the geekiness you've come across, and that seems to be working for you.

You may find people are most likely drawn to you and your ability to be a chameleon. Adaptability is your middle name and you are quite dependable.

Sometimes being a chameleon can find you loosing your inner self. Being in the middle of the spectrum leaves your life with some grey area. Make sure you take time doing the things that make you feel fulfilled in life. Make a list of things that you enjoy and make a point to practice them often. And continue being you because people will love you for it!

I truly hope you enjoyed the test as much as I enjoyed making it! I always welcome email comments/suggestions! Thanks for taking it!

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