Saturday, September 06, 2008

Are you really something to me?....or am I just lazy to remove those things on the wall?
*just though of it now...haha....not importanttttt* but I still think about you...

you...Angin ni....that's what I see from you. You're only good to me on your good mood... Other than that, I just see your sour face...or worst...your tears. But...above it all, you did give me the time of my life so far =p ... *This is who I blog about most in the past 3 months of my blog, not you*

I just found out I was an emergency vent to let out all hot gas out of your "system". Yet again....all I can hear is sorrow, sadness and frustration from you. When everything is clear, this emergency vent is like every other fire escape...only useful when needed.

Then there is one from a foreign land....guess it's like Neverland? it's all your way, and you're so touchy bout the smallest...and the lightest thing that has to be done.

Thoughts of you always leads to a dead-end for almost 2 years now...hmmm...

Funny..how I ever stayed sane with all the negative buffs I receive from you people and still manage to crack jokes out of it? And the best thing about some of you people is that you start your communication without any starters.... Think I'm 999? Hi...what's your emergency?

Like hello...I'm your friend....not a stress hotline....could you people have at least the decency to ask how am I before dropping a bombshell of shyt that I needn't to listen about guys? o ya...I'm a guy too ya know?....swt?

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