Everyone is RACIST!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now I know why Penang is so Fucking screwed up...with Malays tearing the Chinese picture, Malays warning Chinese to be careful and all... In fact, I think the people living there in Penang itself is screwed up.


This gal randomly chat with me online.... and in all the conversation...she kept asking about whether I'm Chinese or not?....tak a look....



hoho.....blardy celaka lor this gal... Now you know why Ahmad said something.... Hmmmm I think the screwed-up-ness in Penang among races is bad and we.... most city folks don't see it.... And you all readers know that May 13 started of in Penang right?

I think both the Malays and Chinese there really have to work something out among themselves if not it will turn like Isreal and Palestine....

And I think that we Chinese from oher states should not feel anything from this Fucking-Blardy-Didn't got caught by ISA - Ahmad because we here can be considered living with other races peacefully..od course there are racist remarks everyday...but heck... we are MALAYSIANS!!! and we're proudly doing it for 51 years...it's part of us...it makes us who we are today in the eyes of the world!!!

No comment on ISA happenings.... Just that the wrong people are arrested and it makes ISA and the CURRENT RULING GOVERMENT look STUPID

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EMO+NO LUCK said...

OMG, what a racist...
I mean the girl...