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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Math and Science to be Back in BM???

hoho...there they go again on trying to bag money from the Rakyat instead of helping them *the print of yet again new textbooks and reference books since the OLD BM version is OUTDATED!*

O well... it's only a memorandum so far from some of the Melayu who thinks it should revert back to BM. Excuse is

"It is not beneficial for the rural area students. Its like asking an England boy to learn Maths and Science in a language he doesn't know"

Errrrr Hello.... English is taught in Kebangsaan/National schools ok!!!! its the Melayu who refuse to learn it, thus you damn ministers go on to pamper them.... Showing how stupid you are. Teaching Maths & Science in English doesn't make the usage of BM extinct.... that's stupid... I still cakap Melayu with my friends. Its nothing wrong.

Yes we all know the government's plan of pampering the Malays from the young all the way to Tertiary Education... go on la.. suap them all the way.... then they become so dependant on you that when you want them off your shoulders, they think you're a stupid government... jeeeezzz....

Wake up la.... Speaking about excellent graduates and all....all you do is killing them

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