Emo and Frust over 5%

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Uber gila this gal in my class who lashed out at the lecturer who said she doesn't know what is advertising... emo siut.... then they had some kind of debate and that distracted my sleep in Advertising class *was sick ok!!! still attend class, don't simply go missing*

She just couldn't let it go... I'm guessing she thinks that the lecturer is not qualified to teach, since she stutter a lot during lecture. But heck, whatever... c'mon la... wrong d, just admit and seek guidance on how to get it right la, rather than getting pissed and lashing out at the lecturer. You know la some old people... their choice of words a lil cacat d... old d ma.

She asked me to ammend my recruitment ad thrice ok... I tak bising also.... bising for what, end of the day...get more marks?... just listen la....

Some smart people tries to hard to act too smart...

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