MondayJournal :D

Monday, February 16, 2009

woo hoo... Last week was Thaipusam.. so no 10hours of hell...

This week.. uber crap babi pantat LC...aha
gotten back all my test/assignment craps...

A.G I got only 62/100 which is 12.4/20 overall

SpeechComm I gotten 16/20 which is 8/10 overall

Damn..... =( cries.... I'm still getting into the mood of the Program....

I found a God walking among Men today.... his name is M...haha

"it depends" alot in speech comm was the last class of the 10hours drag, but it's the best class over all...thanks to the lecturer... =D She's the best so far in Inti.

Looking forward to it is the makan makan with friends day =D

Peace out peeps :D

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