That Difficult huh?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Speaking of friends,speaking of being a grown lacks when it comes to you... hell ya you talk about it...but you're just not cut out yet.Funny how it seems and how you make me feel like I'm the ass if the friendship isn't heading north...but fark... actually its all you...and I'm gonna stop putting myself out there, on the ground....humbled and to be damn happy to see you... heck I'm not anymore. though its amazing how you can melt me with just 1 call. Damn-ness. both of you. And you.. farnee... havent seen any1 who wakes ppl up to ask them you wish you happy birthday... *annoyed* Wondered I could even spend a full day with you with your craziness that I couldn't accept in any gal.2008,2009...screw it both....its always been about me...about the heart...but no more... now its gonna be all bout the ego!

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