Definition of Rich

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One of the things that I'm labeled for besides fat..... is rich.... and some say is that Im materialistic or full of myself. STFU sour people...don't envy my life...fix yours! pfft.

I spend from what I earn.... my own fucking sweat... well most of it.... like my iMac... my core i5 Macbook Air, Aeron Chair and the soon to get iPhone 4s. Yes some are bought by parents but I spend a little extra to switch it up when I afford to.

If I'm rich.... I would be driving by now or I would be in US studying by now... but no.... I'm here in Malaysia... working and enjoying from my hard earn cash.

And it depends what you wanna enjoy your life with the cash you have... I choose to be single and have gadgets for now, some girls i know love traveling.... and some guys I know get wasted or maintaining a chiq just to fuck. Either way... its how we lead our lives.

Plus, I'm not rich.... I manage my spending and expenditure... I keep track. pfft... I'm proactive about my assets... other people... just a little left behind

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