I've been a Bad Boy

Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 has been a great start of a new decade...yes I have been lacking in my academics, but I do make up for it. This year passed so fast to the point that I JUST realize that next week is the final week on 2011.

I have been a super bad boy this year

Well firstly I started 2011 with my Core2Duo 11" Macbook Air(dad bought) and the iPhone4(September2010, which dad bought also)

Then March 2011 I had another ink.

iPad 2
iPad 2 32GB WiFi White with the Product RED Smart Cover

 Sold the 11" Macbook Air Core2Duo, gotten Corei5 Macbook Air 11"
performance is waaaayyyyy different....but fuck it that I'm stuck with Toshiba's SSD on both my Macbook Air. FML...

 Bought some figurines along the way... L: Steve Jobs R: Obama&Osama
beautifully handmade from Hong Kong

 Sold iPhone4, bought the iPhone4s (both I bought through DiGi)

basically.... daddy said I don't appreciate the things he buys for me... that I sell it off for something better. O well, we have different mindset... agree to disagree

by the way... the skins on my Apple devices are from Gelaskins. You can get it locally in Malaysia (rare though) or even custom your skin to your own liking and get it shipped here from Canada. Nice people to deal with...as you can see, trustworthy and quite fast with their service.

PS: Daniel NEVER endorses rubbish

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