iPhone 4S Malaysia

Sunday, December 04, 2011

to buy or not to buy this much talked and long awaited NEW Apple product?

Date to launch: December 16

as a Apple Retail Assistant for almost 4 years now serving at a local reseller...

My thoughts is if you were to get one... it should be because:

you're lazy to carry a point and shoot camera along with you cause you ain't got doraemon's pocket
you want NEED a new phone
you already have a Macintosh (iCloud integration makes life easy) for contact, calendars, photos, etc. etc.
you got too much money...lol... basically that's all I got.

make sure you choose the right plan for you...the right service provider as well...

Maxis: Cheapest plan about RM100.... good coverage.. but weird extra charge on your bills at times, especially for data charges. and the amount is not a joke at times. *fucker*

DiGi: Cheapest plan about RM60.... quite frustrating coverage...makes it worst when your friend using maxis is LOL-ing at you *fucker* but no stupid ass weird charges on bill. DOES NOT CHARGE EXTRA FOR DATA BUT CUTS DOWN YOUR SPEED TO EDGE. *don't know if it will change for iPhone 4s plans*

Celcom: Rather young in the iPhone industry ahead the two above. It was said that they started off behind them because they want to be in stock every time when customer comes in to buy. *yea retards, you brought it in when the hype died down* *fucker*

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