Friendship award 2011

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Let's doodle this year's award... as I think as I type =D

Best assignment friend
Boon Keat (Altos)

Dota buddy
Isaac Teh

Most emo friend
Koh Guat Ai

The one I'm also quietly admiring friend
Carmen Cheong *something about her......... =P*

Best colleagues
Koon brothers, Izwan

Study Buddy
Mei Kuen

The quite the clingy friend
Kelvin Hang

Best Newcomer friend
Tze Wei

Best Skype friend

Best Klang Friend
Benjamin Tan *gossip+chat+fun*

Best MIA friend
CK Kher

The lost so much weight friend
Sarah Tan oooish PANAS

Best Blur Friend
Kai Jin

Best Random Friend
Sheila =P

That mistake+paranoid friend
Fucked up friends
Are the ones who don't care about you but calls you when they need help and expects that I help

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