WIshlist 2012

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Looking at 2011....

I've achieved my Macbook Air (TWICE!!!), the sleeve, a new Levi's jeans, DC shirt and TWO new Timberland shoes. That is almost 100% achievement. I don't dream big....nor do I dream small.... I dream REAL!

For 2012... I want

a good job (last time I wished for this was back in 2008 for a job in Machines). I want that job at Herman Miller!!!!!! =D

For my yearly expenditure to drop 20% (which is about RM 3000) =.=

I still fucking want a Swiss knife but it has been the only thing that I'm waiting for people to buy for me.

The SSD for my Macbook Air....I wanna upgrade it =D

Fuck... my list seems empty.... or I think it's because I have it all already... heeeshhh.... it's gonna be a boring 2012 then.... hoping to save money though :S


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