DiGi Online store experience

Monday, December 19, 2011

This is in regards of my iPhone 4s preorder last week, which I did received as noted on the website, kudos to your guys.

I'm writing bout this to share my experience as it is hard to find one review myself...

But the experience of it was rather unpleasant as the customer service weren't helpful with my GDEX consignment number update.... checking with DiGi is rather slow. Even as of this moment, the delivery status is still pending.... and I gotten the phone before even getting the GDEX consignment number.

Overall... I did get my phone, happy but a little disappointed. DiGi should have settle the tracking/consignment number with the company fast, allowing for users to contact the courier company themselves.

I have bought many online stuffs and it is much easier and faster if I am to liaise with the courier company instead. It would be good for DiGi as well as the responsibility shifts to the courier.

I can assume that the synergy between both companies are yet to be strengthen to provide a more smoother service for the customer. Honestly, I don't like being harassed myself if I work in a call center. I know how it fucking feels every tom, dick and harry calls about iPhone,  I GET IT!!!! cause I work in a reseller myself, at least do it with a more humane tone. The customer service tried their best in assisting, but the reply is so scripted...which I could've read it from the DiGi website myself.

What goes around comes around I guess =D

Anyways...thank you again DiGi for service, it has been a pleasure

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